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Real Time Performance Evaluation and Monitoring of PID Controller on Fluid Heating using Programmable Logic Controller (plc) and SCADA

This paper presents the implementation of an au- tomation plant for controlling the temperature of process fluid using Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). A prototype system is developed in which a temperature control unit accepts a the input from RTD, to perform PID control. The desired set point is provided by the user through SCADA GUI and the PID controller within the PLC would try to maintain the required set point. The sole purpose is to optimize the heating profile of the given process fluid as per the requirement. PID algorithm is necessary to implement in order to stabilize the response of the system- minimize transient time and reduce overshoot and to ensure the process variable agrees with the set point. Thus a prototype model comprising of PLC, SCADA temperature control unit was developed for remote control monitoring. This was achieved using PLC Ladder Logic PLC was configured using Ethernet Protocol with Remote Control Station(SCADA).The proposed system allows user to change the set point remotely monitor the characteristics / variations via GUI. System response is obtained and analyzed by using various parameters of PID controller and the most efficient response is chosen. Keywords - Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), Proportional- Integral- Derivative(PID) controller