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Android Bus Ticketing System

This Manuscript delineates the design & development of a user friendly Online Bus Ticketing System based on Android platform. In current Public transport system, Every Bus needs a conductor to collect money and issue ticket to each passenger; it is time consuming, manual error like improper distribution of ticket, passenger travelling without ticket & currency exchange many other problems. To overcome this many systems have proposed such as ticket vending machine, Electronic ticketing system, and Smart ticketing system using RFID; even they had drawbacks too. The main idea is to provide more convenient, cashless ticketing system i.e. an app is developed to generate digital ticket and the intelligent electronic door system with alarm is incorporated at the entrance of the bus. This system eliminates the Man power, Smart card usage and Paper tickets are eliminated, on that account it will make the passenger comfortable to travel. Keywords - Android App, Digital Ticket, Intelligent Electronic Door System, Alarm.