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Improving Fractal Image Compression using Tiny Block Size Processing Algorithm and Quantum Search Algorithm

The beginning of Internet era and telecommunication, lead to lot of research in an image compression. The image compression is needed for minimization of storage place and proper transmission of data. Fractal image compression (FIC) is a broadly approved technology due to its potential high compression ratio, fast decompression times and multi resolution properties. But, FIC suffers from high computational cost and time. Several techniques have been developed to speed up the fractal image compression, but reducing the intrinsic computational complexity of FIC is still an open problem. The new approach is proposed in which Grover’s quantum search algorithm (QSA) is used to overcome this complexity and to square-root speedup along with Tiny Block Size (TiBS) algorithm for image compression. Index terms - Image Compression, Fractal Image Compression (FIC), Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm (QSA), Tiny Block-Size Processing Algorithm (TiBS).