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Development of Digital Stethoscope and Heart Sound Analysis

Heart diseases are the most frequent cause of the deaths in the world. This is an alarming situation as the rate is increasing rapidly day by day. One of the solutions to this problem is early detection of the symptoms of the cardiovascular diseases and it is done by proper analysis of the heart sounds of an individual. A stethoscope is the most primary equipment used in analyzing the heart sounds produced and this method is called as Auscultation. However, it is a difficult skill to acquire and provide the diagnosis accordingly as traditional auscultation involves judgment by the clinicians, the perception and interpretation of each clinician varies, thereby affecting the accuracy of diagnosis. This paper aims to provide a solution to this problem by giving a visual representation of the heart sounds using a digital stethoscope. The proposed system consists of a chest piece with a piezoelectric sensor, front end pick up circuitry for amplification and filtering, microcontroller Arduino UNO for processing, a TFT display shield for Arduino UNO for displaying the heart sounds with a SD card module for its storage and future use. The analysis of the heart sounds to classify them into normal and abnormal based on its features using logistic regression is also performed and discussed in this paper. Index terms - Digital Stethoscope, heart sound analysis, real time, logistic regression.