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Design of Smart Gun Employing Biometric Security

A firearm is a portable weapon with a barrel that launches either projectile/s and is often driven by the action of an explosive force. A smart gun is a firearm which can be fired only when activated by an authorized user. The authorized and unauthorized users are diagnosed in several different ways which includes the use of RFID chips, fingerprint recognition devices, mechanical locks etc. This paper showcases the details of integrating fingerprint biometric system with the firearm to improve the safety of accessing it, which in turn reduces accidental firings and gun thefts. By implementation of this technology, only licensee will be accessible to the firearm which further reduces crimes. Smart gun technology has the potential to prevent stolen guns from being used and, will additionally create a space for investigation during crimes by providing firearm usage statistics such as time, date and location. Fingerprint reader and location recorder are integrated with a microprocessor, the motherboard of the weapon, which authorizes the user and sends signals to location recorder to store the location of a place immediately after firing. Additionally this data along with date and time stamp is stored to a central cloud database which can be accessed by the police and investigation departments whenever required. The other important thing to be noted is that this smart weapon is no longer mechanically operated; elements such as the hammer, spring, and lock are all replaced by an electromagnetic solenoid. Index Words - Smart gun, Fingerprint reader, GSM/GPRS Module, Electromagnetic Solenoid.