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Comparative Analysis Between Wired and Wireless Technologies in Communications: A Review

Many telecommunications industry are looking for new ways to maximize their investment in communication networks while ensuring reliable and secure information transmission. There is a variety of communications medium solutions, the two most popularly in used were wireless technology and wired options, such as copper and fiber-optic cable. Wired network has proven its potential in the olden days but nowadays wireless communication has emerged as a robust, most efficient and preferred communication technique. Each of these types of communication medium has their advantages and disadvantages according to its technological characteristics. Wired and wireless networking has different hardware requirements, ranges, mobility, reliability and benefits. The aim of the paper is to compare both the Wired and Wireless medium on the basis of various parameters such as usability, Cost, efficiency, flexibility, coverage, Interference, Reliability, Mobility, Speed, Security etc. Keywords- Wired and Wireless, Speed, Security, coverage and interference.