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IOT Based Smart Car Parking using Line Following Robot

Traffic congestion caused by vehicle is an alarming problem at a global scale and it has been growing exponentially. Car parking problem is a major contributor and has been, still a crucial problem with increasing vehicle size in the luxurious segment and confined parking spaces in urban cities. Searching for a parking space is a routine (and often frustrating) activity for many people in cities around the world. This search burns about one million barrels of the world’s oil every day. As the global population continues to urbanize, without a well-planned, convenience-driven retreat from the car these problems will worsen. In order to resolve the aforementioned problems and take advantage of the significant development in technology, the Internet-of-Things technology (IoT) has created a revolution in many fields in life as well as in smart-parking system (SPS) technology. The project proposes an effective SPS solution based on the Internet of Things. Our system constructs each car park as an IoT network, and the data that include the vehicle slot location and number of free slots in car park areas will be transferred to the data center. Index Terms - Internet-of-Things, Line following robot, Smart car parking, Smart city.