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Recognization and Reduction of Source Current Harmonics in a Loaded System Using Wavelet Decomposition

All the electrical equipment connected to the grid must abide by certain indisputable and indubitable regulations regarding grid current harmonics, which will maintain the quality of grid power .The motor drive systems are always equipped with rectifiers, inverters and many other devices for their speed regulation process, this collaboration of inverter and rectifier stay as a conventional setup in today’s world. These inverter that are composed of power switches and reactive components like inductor and capacitor. These reactive components are bulky and increases the system cost, particularly in low cost applications such as electrical home appliances, these equipment are also a cause of producing harmonics into the system this will finally provide a prodigal solution. The home appliances such as air conditioners ,refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, water pumps etc., use variable speed motor drives (induction motor) in which power electronic technologies have been enabled, these appliances produces harmonics and reactive power. This harmonic current level tends to increase, as the power of the appliances increases, a directly proportional relationship. The continuous increase of such harmonics will seem to be an open ended threat to the system. To mitigate these disturbances active filters with controllers have been employed to reduce the harmonic level in the system. In this paper, an active filter system along with a PI controller which is capable of filtering the harmonic current produced by the loads is proposed with a new prospective of analyzing the distorted wave in detail. Thought mitigation is a process which would seem very mandatory to improve power quality there is a further improvement in this parochial view that is the wave requires contemplation to have a better idea of the amount of energy lost and at which point the loss is more comparatively. So this paper discuss about the wavelet analysis of the deviated wave and make the energy usage in a frugal, wise that is more efficient way than wasting in harmonic distortion. Keywords- Harmonics,Active Filter,PI Controller, Induction Motor, THD,Wavelet Analysis.