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An Integral With Feed Forward Control For Primary Load Frequency Control Loop Using Pole-Placement Design

Abstract: The load frequency control problem of power systems has attracted a lot of attention from engineers and researchers over the years. Increasing and quickly changing load demand on the network are making power systems more difficult to regulate. Frequency changes are unavoidable but regulatory authorities require that these changes remain within a certain bound. Engineers are required to perform the tricky task of adjusting the control system to maintain the frequency within tolerated bounds. This work presents a full state feedback with integral plus feed forward controller design for LFC loop based on the pole- placement method. A proper choice of closed-loop pole location has been proposed using symmetrical root locus (SRL) method. A methodology for robust and fast disturbance rejection in presence of parameter uncertainty load variation has been presented. The design ensures specified stability margins at different speeds of response. An illustrative example has been provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the methodology.