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An Enhanced QOS Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol With Traffic Awareness For Hybrid Wireless Networks

Advances in PC and telecom commercial enterprises have made wireless systems progressively well- known and omnipresent. As wireless communication picks up prominence, significant exploration has been dedicated to supporting continuous real time transmission with strict Quality of Service (QoS) necessities for remote wireless applications. In the meantime, a wireless hybrid network that combines a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) and a wireless infrastructure network has been ended up being a superior option for the cutting edge wireless networks. Hybrid networks suffer invalid reservation and race condition issues in MANETs if the resource reservation based QoS routing for MANETs is applied in hybrid networks. But how to ensure the QoS routing in hybrid networks remains an open issue. So here an enhanced QoS-Oriented Distributed routing protocol with traffic awareness (TQOD) is proposed to upgrade the QoS support capability of hybrid wireless networks. Exploiting less transmission hops and any cast transmission highlights of the hybrid networks, TQOD converts the data packet routing problem into a resource scheduling problem. TQOD includes the following algorithms: 1) a QoS-assured neighbor node selection algorithm to satisfy the transmission delay constraint, 2) a low traffic level path selection algorithm to further minimize the packet delay and to improve network throughput 3) a distributed data packet scheduling algorithm for packet routing and to further reduce transmission delay, 4) a node mobility based packet resizing algorithm that adaptively adjusts size of the segment as per the node mobility in order to decrease transmission time and 5) a data redundancy elimination algorithm to discard the redundant data to further boost the transmission QoS. The results are shown through simulations on NS-3. Index Terms- Hybrid Wireless Networks, Manets, Wireless Infrastructure Networks, Quality Of Service (Qos), Channel Utility.