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Robust And Non-Fragile H∞ Filter Design With Randomly Occurring Uncertainties And Randomly Occurring Disturbances

This paper describes the synthesis of a robust and non-fragile H∞ linear filter design for a class of time delayed uncertain system with randomly occurring uncertainties (ROUs) and disturbances (RODs). Firstly, we present the sufficient condition for the existence of filter and the method for designing a robust non-fragile H∞ filter by LMI (linear matrix inequality) approach using a Lyapunov functional. Secondly, we propose modified PLMI (parameterized linear matrix inequality) to find solutions for a robust and non-fragile H∞ filter with ROU and ROD. Since infinite number of LMIs are involved in proposed PLMI, we use relaxation technique to obtain solutions. Finally, we show that the proposed filter guarantees H∞ performance through numerical example in terms of ROU and ROD. Index Terms—Robust filter, Non-fragile, H∞, ROU, ROD,