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Microgrid Frequency Stabilization With Ultracapacitor Based System

This research introduces an energy storage system to deliver microgrid frequency response - as an ultracapacitors and inverter , to deliver short term energy response. A control system is created to monitor the grid frequency and activate an inverter to either charge or discharge a ultracapacitor depending on the measured conditions. For example, when the frequency is measured below 50 Hz, the supercapacitor deliver power into the microgrid to arrest the frequency deviation& when the frequency above 50 Hz the energy storage system absorbs power from microgrid to ultracapacitor. Microgrid frequency is stabilized by adding short term energy response. A description of the major components as well as their simulation results is described herein. Index Terms- Capacitor, Microgrid, Ultracapacitor, Ultracapacitor Matlab model