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Simulation Study Of Single Phase Induction Motor Performance Using Multilevel Inverter

This paper deals with the analysis of induction motor supplied by multilevel inverter (MLI). Generally, the poor quality of voltage and current of a conventional inverter fed induction motor is obtained due to the presence of harmonics and hence there is a significant level of energy losses. These losses can be reduced using multilevel inverter. In inverters by increasing the number of steps it generates the very high quality of the output voltage and current. By increasing the number of steps in output voltage, harmonics is reduces and significant level of energy losses is also reduced. A constant frequency multicarrier phase disposition PWM technique is implemented for the Cascaded MLI. Phase Disposition Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) technique is used for controlling frequency and voltage of MLI. The simulation is carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Keywords — SPWM, MLI, Induction motor, Total Harmonics Distortion(THD