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Transformer Fault Diagnosis By Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

power transformer is the most important device for reliable electrical power system. While working with it, many faults may occur in it. Diagnosis of these faults can be done with lot of techniques. Here in this paper we focus on transformer fault detection technique by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA). The SFRA is nothing but monitoring the change occur in the transformer R-L-C network. SFRA measurement is done by using sweep frequency of the range of 20 Hz. to 20 MHz applied to transformer in healthy and faulty conditions. SFRA gives the results in the form of signature curve in both the cases. From that signature curve we can conclude whether fault occurred or not. This paper presents simulation study of transformer equivalent circuit of winding and winding deformation by sweep frequency technique. Keywords- Power transformer, winding deformation, axial and radial deformation, sweep frequency, signature curve, sweep frequency response analysis.