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Fault Detecting In High Voltage Transmission Line Based On Protection Scheme

In this paper, based on the transient harmonic protection scheme for identifying faults in two terminals of HVDC transmission line. The response of the transient harmonic current in the voltage source converter HVDC transmission line is analyzed under various faults. The VSC based HVDC system is very attractive anoption for bulk power transmission over long or short distances and the grid integration of renewable energy sources in existingtransmission and distribution systems. In this method, harmonic components of the voltage signals are extracted through Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) at two terminal of HVDC transmission line. The two most important factors are involving fault resistance and location. It can detect fault in rectifier side and inverter side of two terminal of HVDC transmission line accurately and quickly. All of these simulations are done using Matlab/Simulink. Index Terms —Fault location, Harmonic components, Transmission lines,Rectifier, inverter, VSC.