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Control Of Svc In Wind Farms Based On Fixed-Speed Induction Generator Under Asymmetrical Faults

This paper ensures the use of shunt facts device static var compensator (SVC) to improve the stability of wind farms based on fixed speed induction generator (FSIG) fed to an power system. Due to the occurrence of faults in the system, there is a voltage dip at the point of common coupling of wind farm and the power system. During the unbalanced condition FSIG absorbs large amount of reactive power from the grid due to its behaviour of asynchronous performance resulting into the instability of wind farms. To achieve a better dynamic operation and to obtain transient stability of the wind farm static var compensator (SVC) is connected to meet the wind farm integration. SVC can provide the required reactive power compensation and controls the voltage collapse in the system thus increasing the stability of wind energy conversion system. Index Terms— Asymmetrical faults, squirrel cage induction generator, static var compensator (SVC), wind energy