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Comparative Performance Analysis Of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Converter Topology

Switched Reluctance motor (SRM) is gaining prominence due to its simple and rugged construction, absence of permanent magnets, low cost, fault tolerant capability and development in power electronics. The primary disadvantage of an SRM is the higher torque ripple with conventional machines, which contribute to acoustic noise and vibrations. The torque ripple can be reduced by improving the magnetic design of the motor and by using sophisticated electronic control techniques. This paper presents a comparative performance of an SRM for various parameters such as torque, current, and speed using asymmetric bridge converter, miller converter and modified miller converter topologies. Performance is simulated in Matlab environment considering three phase 6/4 SRM at no load. Index Terms— Switched Reluctance Motor, Asymmetric Bridge Converter, Miller Converter, Modified Miller Converter, Hysteresis Current Control.