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Enhanced Ultra Capacitors & Its Application

In an unremitting effort to generate more and more electrical energy to meet the growing demands, the biggest impediment is the storage of electrical energy. Global electrical energy storage capacity is estimated to be 90 GW which is 3% of the total electric power generation capacity. So, the storage of electrical energy is an overriding concern nowadays and it is imperative that we must have some efficient energy storage devices to meet present day energy storage demands. Conventional capacitor’s capacitance is limited by cross sectional area of plates and high internal resistance limits its output power which has provoked an extensive commercial and scientific interest in enhanced capacitors’ designs to devise an unqualified and perfect energy storage device called ultracapacitor. In energy storage sector, large capacity capacitors are increasingly becoming alternative to accumulators and have superseded batteries. This paper underscores the seminal role of carbon material electrodes like carbon nanotubes, graphene, activated carbons and carbon aerogels in ameliorating the performance of ultracapacitor and how the use of ultracapacitors have benefited profoundly hybrid electric vehicles, mobile phones, telecommunication field and regenerative braking concept.