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Power Factor Correction And Efficiency Improvement Of A Single Phase Ac/Dc Converter With Enabling Window Control

New recommendations and feature standards have increased the interest in power factor correction circuits to get sinusoidal line current. The analysis of the major-component ratings of the continuous current mode (CCM) single-stage power factor-correction (PFC) and the CCM boost two-stage PFC converters is given. High-performance regulation with satisfactory line-current harmonics is demonstrated with conventional duty -ratio control. Zero voltage switching, zero current switching, active snubber approaches employed to reduce the reverse recovery losses. By using line frequency commutated techniques and enabling window control Electromagnetic interference noise (EMI) is reduced and soft switching is obtained by reducing driving losses. By using asymmetrical pulse width modulation techniques the total harmonic distortions are reduced to less than 3.8% and the efficiency can be obtained above 96.5% with the network. Cool MOSFETs and SiC diode used to reach the desired efficiency with competitive price. This method is verified by experimental results obtained from a 500W prototype.