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Reducing Radio Link Failure in 5g Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

In order to keep the quality of service for the ongoing calls, the mobile user equipment must keep its association with an active base station. This can be achieved by executingthe handoverprocesswhereas the mobile user equipment is moving. The implementation of dense small cells in the existing 5G cellular network can make this a complicated process because of extensive signaling due to the high number of handover events, which could cause a call drop because of uncompleted handover (radio link failure).In this paper, radio link failure reduction method is proposed by minimizing the number of picocells that could causeradio link failures. The target cell list is formed by skippingpicocells that could result inradio link failure. A multi-attribute decision making method, grey rational analysis, is then used to select the proper handover destination cell. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated and compared with that of the existing methods. Results disclose that our method reduces the destination picocell list, radio link failure and enhances the network throughput. compared to the competitive method. Keywords - Radio link failure, 5G, GRA.