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Analysis Impedance Formula of Double Bi Ellipse Microstrip line Array Antenna for Optimizing the Antenna Characteristic in Satellite Communication

Analysis of Bi-Ellipse Microstrip line Antenna was started by doing impedance formula analysis that supports the counting in relation to the characteristics antenna that is optimally applied in satellite communication system. This study was obtained design of Bi-Ellipse Microstrip line Antenna in multi band frequency with more optimal characteristics parameter in satellite communication system. Dimensions of the antenna and analyzing numerically the empirical formula Antenna Design as one of the interesting methods to find the optimum characteristics of the antenna beside simulation and measurement. Characterizing outcome parameters Bi-Ellipse Microstrip line antenna and its array variants by taking data analysis with the certain formula. There are some characteristics as a good Antenna pharametric such as VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), Reflection Coefisien and Return Loss. The result of Analysis was obtained VSWR (0.62), Reflection Coefisien (0.34) and Return Loss (-12.31dB). This result can be indicated as a good Antenna in satellite communication system. Keywords - Impedance Formula, Microstrip Bi-Circular Antenna, Wi-Fi