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Pashto Isolated Digits Sign Language Recognition

Effective communication involves the ability to hear and listen without any hindrances. However, communicating with the deaf community can be challenging, even when one is making a sincere effort to do so. In such situations, sign language has proven to be the most effective means of initiating and ending a conversation. Unfortunately, members of the deaf community are often treated with less respect and may be ignored due to their inability to communicate. This leaves them feeling isolated and prevents them from accessing vital information or exercising their right to make choices. Recent technological developments in machine learning, computer vision, and sign language recognition have facilitated the bridging of communication barriers between deaf and hearing individuals. The present study endeavours to make a contribution to the field by constructing a system that employs convolutional neural networks and computer vision techniques to identify manual gestures utilised in Pashto sign language and convert them into a numerical representation. Keywords - Pashto sign language (PSL), CNN, digit recognition, Effective Communication.