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Design and Construction of Smart Receptionist Robot for Primary Detection of Symptoms of Covid-19

A major role has been played in our daily lives by robots that are powered by artificial intelligence. It has now established itself as a critical component of the cutting-edge fourth Industrial Revolution. Everyone, regardless of their level of worry, seeks assistance from the robot. During a pandemic, it is critical to have an access control system that can automatically identify COVID-19 signs like as temperature and provide voice commands. This allows for social distance and increased safety. The suggested framework will be designed around a microcontroller that will be connected to a sophisticated Android control system through a Bluetooth module in order to accept orders via an app. As social distance is critical in certain health situations, such as those caused by pandemics such as COVID-19 or other touch illnesses, our car bot server may be an exceptionally persuasive and intelligent means of gaining access to smart doors through which to communicate. Keywords - Robot, Bluetooth, Arduino, Ultrasonic, IR, Temperature