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Enhanced Image Inpainting Through Richardson-Lucy Deblurring Algorithm and Unsharp Image Sharpening Techniques

The practice of repairing old or damaged images, known as image inpainting, has existed for many years, it has recently become increasingly popular due to advancements in image processing techniques. As digital image editing tools continue to improve and become more flexible, image in painting has become an important and challenging topic in computer vision, with many potential applications in various fields of research within image processing. Our work mainly focusses on the object removal and region filling genres of the image inpainting with certain improvements to the already existing methods by improving the quality of the output images using certain algorithms. We have provided the effective solutions to the results of those existing works which includes in the de-blurring of the image and image sharpening which in turn enhances the overall image quality metrics like PSNR, SSIM, MSE. Keywords – Computer Vision, Image-In painting, De-blurring, image-sharpening.