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Denoising of Underwater Images Using Mechanism of Fish Retina and Bilateral Filter

One can better understand the underwater environment by studying the information that is contained in underwater images. The primary challenges faced by the underwater images are brought on by light scattering and light absorption when light rays pass through water. Because of this, underwater photographs have a horrible visual look overall, noise, and degraded edge quality. Therefore, to obtain high-quality underwater photographs, these difficulties must be overcome. Only then can these underwater images be accurately and completely analysed in order to gain a deeper understanding of the underwater environment and marine life. The fish retinal mechanism is used in conjunction with a bilateral filter in this paper to analyse the underwater images. In this paper, it is addressed how to increase the quality of underwater images by doing noise reduction, smoothing, and edge preservation. There have been improvements made to the PSNR, MSE, MAE, and SSIM metrics. Keywords - Denoising, Underwater Images, Fish Retina, Bilateral Filter, Smoothing, Edge Preservation, PSNR, MSE, MAE, SSIM