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Design Of A Novel Surface Emg Acquisition And Analysis System

Surface Electromyo-gram (sEMG) is the study and analysis of muscle electrical activity noninvasively, using surface electrodes placed on the area of the body overlying the muscle. The complex nature of the sEMG signal makes it imperative to design a device to view and extract the hidden time domain and frequency domain parameters for diagnosis and research. This paper puts forward the design of a novel acquisition unit for acquiring, recording and analyzing the sEMG, extracting the various time domain and frequency domain parameters of clinical utility. The sEMG signal was sensed by the active differential electrodes placed over ‘flexor carpi radialis’ of 25 age matched subjects and fed into an acquisition module. It was then conditioned, digitized and parameters were extracted. These parameters were then analysed for muscle response towards self induced stress and external influence. The dominant ranges of each parameter and their variances were determined.