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Performance Optimization of Rectangular Micro strip Patch Antennas

Abstract - In this research paper, the performance of Rectangular Micro strip Patch Antennas is improved, which are the most used in Wi-Fi and wireless local area networks (WLAN) applications, due to their ease of manufacture and low cost with their light weight and small size to be placed inside wireless communication devices with some disadvantages, the most important of which is narrow bandwidth. This design focuses on increasing the bandwidth to achieve great performance over a broad frequency range at the frequency of 2.45 GHz. This Rectangular Micro strip Patch Antennas design is presented using a Coaxial-line feed with a dielectric substrate type ( Rogers RT5870, ε_r=2.33, tangent delta=0.0012) with the Use of additional microstrip resonators or extra patch introduction and a modification in the design parameters ( Dielectric height= 1.5 mm, width patch= 38.08 mm, length patch = 29.9 mm) to get better results in Rectangular Micro strip Patch Antennas performance compared to the actual design parameters in terms of Directivity of the radiation pattern, Gain, bandwidth, VSWR, and return loss. Utilizing computer simulation technologies (CST STUDIO 2021), MATLAB software was used to construct and simulate the suggested rectangular micro strip patch antennas, The proposed antenna appears to match the specifications and exhibit outstanding characteristics for various frequency bands, as well as good radiation patterns and characteristics in pertinent WLAN connections, according to the developed antenna simulation results. Keywords - Bandwidth, Frequency, Insulating Substrate, Wireless Communication.