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Voice Controlled Smart Home System

In the recent years, the Home Automation systems have seen rapid changes due to introduction of various wireless technologies. The explosion in the field of wireless technologies has seen the emergence of many standards, especially in the industrial, scientific and medical radio band. ZigBee is an IEEE 802.15.4 standard for data communications with business and consumer devices. ZigBee is targeted at applications that require low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. ZigBee has a defined rate of 250kbits/s, best suited for periodic or random data; or a single signal transmission from a sensor or an input device. The SMART HOME SYSTEM will be implemented in existing home environments, without any changes in the infrastructure. The automation focuses on recognition of voice commands and uses low-power ZigBee wireless communication modules along with a microcontroller. This system is most suitable for the elderly and the disabled persons especially those who live alone and since it involves recognition of voice; it is secure. The automation system is intended to control all lights and electrical appliances inside a house or an office using voice commands. Keywords- Easy VR 2.0, Home Automation, Voice Controlled, ZigBee