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Design of Diagonally Slotted Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications

Abstract - It is well known that for every one wavelength and the polarization plane in Antenna and Electromagnetic signal makes one complete circle in a corkscrew pattern. This paper presents about circular polarization of planar antenna, which has been designed with IE3D electromagnetic simulator. Four distinct geometries were designed with two diagonally etched slots for microstrip patch antenna. This paper also demonstrates about the circular polarization with the help of four slots in the form of squares, circles, rings, and crosses were chosen. Also other parameters like Axial Ratio performance plot, Reflection coefficient and Impedance plot were studied. This paper also discuss about one of the above mentioned antenna, which was fabricated and tested properly. Keywords - Diagonally Slotted Patch Antenna, Axial Ratio, VSWR, Circular Polarization, Gain