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Design of L-Shape Slot Antenna with Different Dielectric Materials for WiMAX

Abstract - This paper describes the designing ofa Common feed with Microstrip patch antenna for Wimax application using FR-4 substrate. The main contribution of the paper is optimization to achieve high gain, high efficiency, very low return loss. The proposed antenna is capable to maintaining its high performance over wireless system operating at S-Band( 2- 4 GHz) frequency range.The antenna resonates at frequency bands and thus the antenna becomes a necessity for many applications in recent wireless communication, such as RADAR, Microwave and WiMAX application. The proposed antenna is fabricated on a FR4 substrate of thickness 0.8mm and a dielectric constant 4.4 and tested. The proposed antenna yields a VSWR of about 1.58 db and return loss -36.35db under simulation and gain(2.5GHZ) and efficiency in measurements respectively. The figure of are observed for the operating bands. Finally the experimental outcome seems very nexus with the simulated ones for the proposed antenna. Keywords - Efficiency, Gain, VSWR, Return loss