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VLSI Implementation of MIMO- OFDM

Abstract - MIMO is the Multiple input and Multiple output. In MIMO multiple channels can be propagated by using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas in order to increase the capacity of a channel. This type of implementation also improves the spectral efficiency of a wireless system. It also enhances the reliable transmission of data. MIMO in combination with OFDM is a most analyzed technique used specially for WLAN, WMAN and in 4G technology. OFDM is a technique which does not provide high data date and efficiency when compared to MIMO-OFDM. Interference between the users can be reduced to a maximum extent by using this technique. Here in this project, we tend to implement the MIMO-OFDM system by considering the inputs and then comparing the results with present existing system using VLSI and then obtaining the graphs like BER using MATLAB. Keywords - OFDM, MIMO, Spectral Efficiency, BER, Interference