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IFTTT Based Smart Home Security System

Abstract - An IOT-based comprehensive solution for home security is proposed in this paper. The proposed system will enact a reliable, cost-effective solution that employs a variety of sensors to monitor the user's property and keeps the user’s home secured from potential threats. The proposed system operates round the clock notwithstanding the fact that the user is at home or away. Any form of fire, gas leakage, or intrusion in the house is detected by the system, and an email is sent to the user instantly. The IFTTT Webhooks service is used to create a trigger when the system identifies a threat and sends an email to the user which highlights a unique functionality of the system. The proposed security system includes sensors like MQ-5 LPG sensor, LM35 temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensor and PIR sensor. The system provides a high range of security using a password keypad, followed by measuring the user's distance from the door. It can also be used to monitor the environment by detecting and analyzing temperature data, detecting LPG gas, etc. The intrusion detection function is another aspect of this system which uses a motion sensor for detection. Keywords - IFTTT, Internet of Things (IOT), NodeMCU ESP8266, Security System, Sensors