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Implementation of UART Communication By Li-Fi in Both Led On & Off Mode

Abstract - Wireless communication is the key component of today's mobile network. The capacity of this network is extinct, with the availability of a huge number of mobile devices the efficiency also degraded drastically. These are less secure and have enough chronic effects on the biological environment [1]. In this situation, the visible light spectrum gives us hope and a huge opportunity to explore the possibilities. The Li-Fi gives us a scope to transmit data over visible light. This not only solves the above-mentioned problems but also gives us a much higher data transfer rate as compared to the traditional communication system (max 224 Gbps). But in the daytime when a decent amount of natural light is present already it’s not a good scenario to turn on the light to transmit data. This also increases the energy requirement. The main objective of the simulation is to implement the basic Li-Fi communication to transfer some amount of data with the minimum source intensity. In this paper, we discussed the exploration of Li-Fi with a very limited light intensity of the sources. For this, we used a small-scale hardware setup. We used LEDs as the transmitter and solar panels as a receiver. In this simulation, we have achieved a transmission data rate of up to 5.3 Kbps. Though the intensity of the source is not decreased totally, the result is promising for further research. Keywords - Li-Fi, UART, Transmission, Spectrum, Arduino