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Artificial Intelligence-Based Secured Routing Protocol and OFDMA for WSN Based Military Applications

Abstract - One of the emerging technologies is Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), is used in the military application for sensing signals and those signals are transmitted to the network (Base Station) but due to less security, data are accessed by third-parties. The ultimate aim of our project is data protection against malicious activities that need to be re-design with the limited constraints of sensor nodes. Attacks like eavesdropping and modification listen to the secret information and modify information about intruders, attack detection, presence of explosives, and imaging of enemies. To improve security, SIT (encryption) and SHA-1(Hashing) are used. To balance energy consumption, an AI-based routing algorithmis used and Backup-Link provides availability. This paper is mainly to improve security and to avoid intrusion, beware from attackers, and third-party access in military-based areas. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has emerged as an excellent tool for military applications involving invader detection, hackers, different parameter monitoring, beware of attackers, and information gathering in military areas. Keywords - SecureIoT,SHA-1algorithm,Modificationattack,eavesdropping,networksecurity, and clustering.