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Design of a Planar Microstrip Patch Antenna on the Effect of Dielectric Constant at S Band

Abstract - This paper mainly focus is considered a Planar Inverted-F microstrip patch antenna (PIFA) on the effect of dielectric constant operating at S band for modern small satellite system. To analyse the simulated performance of two designs of PIFA antennas especially the changes of material types such as FR-4 and Rogger RT5880 for the good choice of material to reduce the antenna losses. Several parametric studies are analysed using Computer Simulation Technology CST microwave studio suite student edition. It is also found that the material usages of PIFA is an important factors in achieving the S11 parameters, return loss bandwidth and directivity gain values which involves for S band (2 to 4GHz) frequency. And then, the return loss of -38dB and 782MHz very wide return loss bandwidth with the reliable radiation efficiency value for the compact size of antenna design in simulation are analysed. Moreover, the simulation results of the plot of two dimensional (2D) for -3.2dB very small side lobe and peak directivity gain is 4.39dBi and low quality factor Q 3.974 for Rogers RT5880 with the comparison of material types. Keywords - FR-4, Roger RT5880, S Band, Modern Small Satellite