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Turbo Codes for Efficient BER and Capacity for Massive MIMO Systems

In this swarm of technically developing world there are enormous novel technologies emerging every day. One of those is the Massive-MIMO (i.e., Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output also called M-MIMO). This M-MIMO technology is invariably used in refining the capacity of fifth generation technologies. In spite of this, M-MIMO comes with complex radio frequency (RF) chains which makes it a bit expensive but it can be designed cost effectively also. The conservative method used in picking a subset of antennas for MIMO(4G) results in complexity while processing the signal and this also needs high energy consumption and is ineffective intended for M-MIMO system. This M-MIMO requires Channel State Information (CSI) for selecting a more efficient subset of antennas as a part of being more accurate and under budget, but the occurrence of the pilot contamination makes it little inconvenient. So, in this regard we propose a model using the High rated convolutional codes as turbo encoding to encode the information. The outcomes of which are improved BER and capacity of the system. This method explores the characteristics of CSI to resolve the issue. As it does not require extra RF chain and pilot symbols for channel estimation, which aids the model to be more economical in terms of energy usage and meting out resources as compared to the comprehensive method. For the coding we have used MATLAB version R2020a. Keywords - M-MIMO, CSI, Pilot Contamination, BER, Capacity, Turbo Encoding.