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Electric Fields Distribution of Optimized Waveguide Potrs Power Position for Grains Drying Applications

This paper presents the optimum conditions of the electromagnetic field distribution at 2.45 GHz in large-scale waveguides. An analysis process is adjusted the distance of waveguide port power that affecting the dielectric load (rice). In the large waveguide composes of five pairs ports power, the gap between two ports is adjusted from one of wavelength to four of wavelength in order to achieve the best electric distribution and electric intensity. The appropriate simulation results are obtained when the distance between two ports power is two of wavelength, most of the wave propagation has a greater electric field distribution in active area and the electric field intensity is characterized by its distribution over the area of the dielectric load. The simulation results are described and discussed in this research by using the CST program. The aim of this research to designs the dielectric heating process by using large-scale waveguide to be use in rice dehumidification in the industry. Keywords - Large Scale Waveguide, Electric Field Distribution, Dielectric Heating.