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Quantum Mechanic Analysis on Metal-Semiconductor Hybrid Structure

The paper mainly focuses on the effective design of a self-powered UV-photodiode device based on hybrid metal-Semiconductor is demonstrated. The quantum mechanics analysis on metal-semiconductor structure is challenging issue for designing the hybrid photodiode design. Under zero bias, the fabricated hybrid photodiode shows a photo sensivity while ohmic contact in semiconductor photodiode with identical device structure exhibits. Power density-dependent responsivity and detectivity revealed ultrasensitive behavior under low light conditions. The source of observed self-powered effect in hybrid photodiode is attributed to the depletion region formed at the metal- Semiconductor quasi-ohmic interface. The finite difference method is one of the solutions to solve the quantum mechanics analysis for high performance devices. The combination of such material systems should be promising for the future generation of III-V-based optoelectronic devices because of the unique long-wavelength capability. Keywords - Quantum Mechanic, Metal-Semiconductor Structure, Mathematical Modeling, Band Diagram Model, Theorectical Investigation