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Wealth Out of Waste

The objective of this project is to develop a system that can be placed inside the college campus to dispose waste materials like metal cans, paper cups, plastic and glass bottles. The system will automatically segregate the waste into its respective category and also provide a reward to the user based on the waste material that has been input into the system. The automatic waste segregation is done using different sensors like inductive proximity sensor for metal detection, load cell for glass detection, LASER-LDR setup for paper and plastic detection. Motor is used to rotate the pipes and dispose the waste to respective bins. The reward scheme is also included along with waste segregation. This is to encourage people to dispose the waste properly. The basic concept behind this scheme is that of a Reverse Vending Machine where people are given reward or incentive in return for a waste, say for example a metal can or plastic bottle, that they dispose into the system. Keywords - Waste Segregation, Load Cell, Inductive Sensor, Laser-ldr Setup, App.