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Towards a Secure Communication with Identified Interlocutors

Our social life is based on face to face communication between people with known identities. In virtual life, interlocutors are behind the screen and therefore you do not know whether you deal with a human being or a program. This issue of identity arises in many domains. Election manipulation through social media occurred where interveners used false identities. Frauds in online banking occur because of the absence of known identities. We propose a hybrid software / hardware solution to solve the issue of communication with unknown identities. The bank provides the customer with a hardware device including an application and a set of a time-dependant passwords. Bearing in mind that any connected computer system is vulnerable, the application and the passwords are uploaded in the device in off-line way. To enhance security the hardware device is augmented by a biometric device, such as a fingerprint reader, that is used to authorize any transaction. The concept has been validated experimentally. Keywords - Internet Banking, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Encryption.