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Genetic Algorithm Based User Pa─▒ring for NOMA Downlink Systems

The high system capacity requirement of the 5G can be satisfied with the use of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) technology as a multiple access scheme. NOMA increase the spectral efficiency by providing simultaneous transmission of multiple users at the same radio resource at the transmitter and employing more sophisticated signal processing techniques at the receiver such as successive interference cancellation (SIC). The user group selection is one of the important elements that affect the performance of NOMA. In this paper, the Genetic Algorithm approach is proposed to determine the user pair selection for multi-user NOMA Downlink System. The proposed GA scheme finds a reasonable solution for any underlying objective as long as setting the fitness function properly. The simulation results demonstrate that the GA approach is a powerful method to reach target objectives. When the search space increases, a slight degradation of GA performance is observed. Keywords - Mobile Network, NOMA, Genetic Algorithm, Resource Allocation