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Intelligent Infant Care System using Image Processing and IoT Sensor Network

There is an increasing trend of families with both parents working. Then there are first time parents who are inexperienced. In both these scenarios, the baby is either neglected or receives inappropriate care. Therefore, this paper aims to assist working or inexperienced parents in taking care of their babies by providing them various solutions to all their problems in one single product. The infant monitoring unit controlled by the Raspberry Pi 3b+ collects sensor data and hence monitors various parameters such as body temperature, heart rate, bed wetting, room temperature etc. The data collected on facial features from the video feed is analysed to extract expressions and predict emotions. This results are collaborated with analysis of the infant‟s cry and crying pattern. The system also includes various methods to silence the infant and ensure the maximum comfort of the infant till the parents arrives. The interactive user interface gives the parent operational control of the cradle and also gives them regular updates and alerts. Keywords - Image Processing, Raspberry pi, Linear Predictive Coding, Artificial Neural Network