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Evaluation of Olsr and Aodv Routing Protocols Against Worm Hole Attack in Random Waypoint Mobility

Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) considered as a temporary network without infrastructure, all devices in MANET connect via a wireless link with self-configuration. Due to the nature of open and shared wireless channel, mobile wireless networks are vulnerable to various security threats. In this paper we analyze the performance of two essential MANET routing protocols : On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) as a reactive protocol and Optimized Link State Routing protocols (OLSR) as a proactive protocol under Wormhole attack in mobile environment by varying the speed of nodes. Five parameters of network performance are evaluated to study the effect of Wormhole attack on MANET routing protocols. The simulations are carried out under Network Simulation Tool (NS3). Keywords— MANET, OLSR, AODV, Wormhole Attack, Mobility.