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EEG Based Home Appliance Control For Providing Guidance To Paralyzed Person

This paper proposes a method for the brain computer interfacing for EEG based brain controlled wheelchair for severely disabled people in their daily life. In this paper, we provide the basic techniques for interfacing the brain to the external environment such as controlling home appliances, extracting information about surroundings through voice playback system and movement of wheelchair as desired by the disabled person sitting on the wheelchair. We will first review and classify the waves which are encountered during EEG. Since EEG is the reflection of brain activity and is widely used in clinical diagnosis and biomedical research, it is used as the main signal. The proposed system integrates EEG headset, microcontroller, laptop, accelerometers, and the wheelchair. Neural signals are obtained from human brain using wireless EEG headset and are processed through real time data acquisition in MATLAB. The wheelchair consists of microcontroller, to execute the command, accelerometer, voice play back system, and RFID card reader.