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Cost Effective E-Rickshaw using Battery & Paddle

Most of the cities in developing countries are highly polluted. The main reasons are the air and noise pollution caused by transport vehicles especially petrol-powered two and three wheelers mostly called auto rickshaws. An electric cycle rickshaw can provide a non-polluting and a very silent transport system for urban and rural areas of India. We can develop three types of rickshaws: Improved pedal cycle rickshaw, Motor assisted pedal rickshaw; and A completely battery driven rickshaw called E-Rickshaw. The details of these rickshaws are presented in this synopsis. It is shown that these rickshaws can provide a very environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective transport system and can replace the existing auto rickshaws. Economic analysis of these rickshaws is presented and policy issues are identified. Besides reducing pollution these rickshaws can provide large scale employment in urban and rural areas of India. As this project is sponsored by S.G. Hightech, Aurangabad motto of this project is to transportation in remote areas where fuel vehicles cannot travel. Keywords - Chopper, Battery, DC motor, Bearings, Wheels, Gear.