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Self-Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System for Urban Traffic Management

In the last decade, cities in Asia have undergone rapid expansion and population growth driven by higher job opportunities, better healthcare and education. Changes in the city‟s population appear to have significant impact on transport and road energy use. Residents in cities are increasingly dependent on commuting by private car due to the rise in household income. Traffic congestion and air pollution has highlighted the need to make traffic management in cities smarter. This paper compares two methods of controlling traffic congestion at a single intersection using fixed and adaptive traffic light algorithm. The adaptive algorithm uses TSTMA and is based on the Markov-Kendall queuing theory model. At present traffic light system in Brunei Darussalam is assigned to be static, i.e., traffic light signal changes are fixed. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how adaptive traffic light system can be used to help minimize Brunei‟s traffic congestion during peak hour. Keywords - Traffic control, Congestion, Adaptive, TSTMA.