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Design Smart Home Hydroponic Gardening System using Raspberry PI 3

Harmful chemicals in foods are issues of concerns for many consumers. Eating hydroponics is an alternative to avoid toxins, but it will certainly cost more expenses, especially in the long term. Hence planting one‟s own vegetables at home is the solution. Growing vegetables using the hydroponic method allows consumer to control various chemicals efficiently and harvest freshly natural. Today, small computers are offered and less expensive. With sensors, motor pump, and raspberry pi 3. The automatic planting systems at home will make growing organics easier and happier. Allowing less care for plants during the growth process, but growing vegetables are efficiently and easily, and reduce long-term costs for consumers. In this paper, we propose the system design of a smart home hydroponic gardening using a raspberry pi 3 model B. The purpose of this research is to design, develop, and make the blueprint of a hydroponic gardening in the households possible with an inexpensive system, but the system could perform efficiently and easily. Keywords - Smart Home Gardening, Hydroponics, Raspberry PI3, Embedded System Design, and Framework