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Modelling and Simulating different Bands of EEG signals with the Virtual Brain

Electroencephalogram (EEG) have played an important role for studying the neurocognitive function such as delta and theta oscillations. In this study, we focused on modelling theta and delta two types of EEG signals by developing large-scale brain network model (LSBNM), consisting of eight brain regions areas (network nodes) in the left hemisphere. Each network node is simulated by a local neural model of Jansen and Rit (JR). The coupling of network nodes is constrained by the structural connectome for constructing the structural layout of the brain network model .The goal of this model was to simulate different rhythms of EEG ranging from delta to theta depending on the variations of parameters of JR model .The modelling and simulating are conducted with The Virtual Brain (TVB), a novel platform for modelling brain dynamics. Our result shew that the model is enable to simulate multi-bands of EEG: delta –range frequency of (2-3 Hz) and theta at frequency of 5Hz. This study can serve the clinical doctors and researchers to understand and study slow oscillation activity of EEG. Keywords - Large-Scale Brain Network Modelling, Neural Masses Model of JANSEN and Rit (JR-NMM), Structural Connectome, Brain Rhythms, The Virtual Brain Platform (TVB)