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A Review of Indoor Navigation Techniques

Indoor navigation is opportune for everyone, and it is particularly requisite for the visually impaired. The paper reviews the existing indoor navigation system and proposes an indoor navigation system for the visually impaired to attain audio output through Visible Light Communications (VLC).The transmission of data occurs after identifying the person who has entered the room and the technology Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is used for presenting information to the user. Li-Fi technology is used by the proposed system for the wider range of transmission of data. The usage of visible light for transmitting the data encompasses a wide variety of advantages and eliminates most problems of communication caused by the electromagnetic waves outside the visible spectrum. Li-Fi is an evolving branch of optical wireless communication and can be beneficial in coming years for indoor communication because it can afford higher data rate transmission along with the capability to utilize additional users since it uses a broader spectrum bandwidth. Keywords - Visible Light Communication, Indoor Navigation, Light Fidelity, Wireless Communication