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Performance Evaluation Of AODV Protocol By Using Different Mobility Models In Different Network Areas

As we know development of technologies and researches wireless network technology grow rapidly day by day. MANET is influentially usage network this is because of its most important and dynamic characteristics in which mobile nodes are moving independently anywhere randomly in any network areas. So we can say that mobility models of these mobile nodes plays vital role in the MANET. Our work in this paper is to analyses the performance of three mobility models Random Waypoint, Random Walk, Reference Point Group Mobility with AODV for small network area, middle area network and large area network at two different speed and node densities. Analyzing parameter that describing QoS and give the reason of variation in the performance of protocol are (1) End 2 End delay (2) Throughput. Outcome of our work indicate that Reference Point group mobility model performing good at less node density in middle and large network area. When we increases node density it again show good performance but in small area network. On increasing the speed in both the node densities Random Walk outperform for middle and large network area. Random Waypoint performances get varying with different scenario. Keywords- MANET, Mobility Models, AODV, RWP, RW, RPGM, QoS